Dive Trip | Scuba Diving Indonesia

Now is the time guerilladive take you around the archipelago to enjoy diving spots imaginable famous island in Indonesia. Guerilladive also open the trip to the place that is attractive open throughout Indonesia. There are some amazing diving spots such as the area of Raja Ampat, Derawan and Gorontalo.

Trip Raja Ampat

Hidden paradise, tropical hideway, Misool Island is one of four largest islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, world renowned dive destination in the province of West Papua. The crystal clear sea waters and the sea gardens of Raja Ampat hold 75% all species of corals and ornamental fish in the world. The visibility is superb which can reach from 10 meters to 30 meters. Many big giant schooling fish such as baracudas, schooling jacks and hammerhead sharks always seen in Misool areas. Scuba diving in Misool Raja Ampat, just like in Paradise....

Trip Derawan

Derawan is an archipelago located in the district of East Kalimantan, Berau. Derawan area is commonly found among other diving spots like Manta Point, sangakali island, Channel point in Maratua and others. Scuba diving at derawan, really gorgeous..

Trip Gorontalo

Gorontalo is located in the northern part of Sulawesi Island or in the western part of North Sulawesi province. Gorontalo has alot of diving spots which are quite unique and interesting like in Swerling Step, Cape Buffalo, Jin Cave, Traffic Circle, West Point, Sponge Wall, and Tanjung Pasir. Scuba diving in gorontalo, awesome dive...

Kursus Diving Murah | Belajar Diving untuk Pemula

Anda ingin belajar diving di Jakarta atau mencari tempat kursus diving murah di Jakarta, mencari tempat belajar diving untuk pemula, les private selam ataupun latihan Diving di Jakarta, Kepulauan Seribu dan Raja Ampat?? Selain Fun Dive, anda pun bisa mencoba Try Scuba Diving ataupun Discovery Dive di Dive Resort kami di Pulau Panun Misool Raja Ampat. Guerilla Dive adalah pusat tempat kursus Diving menyelam di Jakarta dan pelatihan belajar Scuba Diving di Pulau Seribu, Indonesia. Kursus diving di Jakarta, Belajar Diving di Jakarta, Kursus Scuba Diving di Jakarta, Belajar Scuba Diving Jakarta, Trip Diving dan Latihan Diving di Jakarta adalah specialty kami.."Guerilla Dive Indonesia | Dive Trip | Diving Raja Ampat | Kursus Diving Murah Jakarta | Belajar Diving Untuk Pemula | Diving Misool Papua | Belajar Diving Jakarta|"